Tuesday, 15 April 2014


The pastel shades of my life
The beautiful foliage seems to mesmerize
It's like a rainbow's reflection
The enamoring colours in all the sections
Everything is so bright
Alas, these majestic lights
Reminds me that,
I'm colour blind.
The river has dried to a trickle
Now no more it can reach the shore
May it had rained earlier
So the beauty would have been much more
Saddest is the part, that
we cannot change the past.
We just have the memories
With which we can never apart.
Remembering them,
We smile when there is sorrow
& cry when there is celebration.
Wish we could lay entranced
And give each other one more chance.
Times spent together
Will always be a pleasure to remember.
My memories might be faded in your heart But,
You are still engraved in my mind & soul.

                                                                                               MEENAKSHI JAIN